Domiciliary Care :

Physically frail, Mental health, disability or learning difficulties

We understand that sometimes due to physical or mental illness you are unable to care for yourself or maintain your household, We have a team of assessors who will assess you at the first instance to ensure you receive an adequate care provision. We Also know that it can be difficult for you or your love one if they are diagnosed with dementia, our dementia specialist carers are there to help.

Our domiciliary care services covers all elements of care services, we aim to give you a bespoke package that will be tailor made to cover your level of needs. Our domiciliary service varies between assisting you with your daily activities of living such as personal care, dressing and grooming to supporting you with your medication. We are aware that some agencies and individuals are lacking the concept of holistic care as they tend to forget the cultural background, at Natgab we champion on treating you as a unique individual irrespective of your background or level of needs.

Our carers have been trained and they understand the concept of ‘caring’, they are trained to put humans first before anything. They are reliable and efficient.

Physical tasks/ Household Tasks

Our Carers and support workers will assist you in doing the daily or routine housework including; vacuuming, washing dishes and laundry.

Personal chefs service
Cultural needs (personal chefs): Special chefs for your cultural needs catering for your specific taste, Natgab is unique in the sense that we take into account that people are individuals right down to what they eat not what is available, so if they want jerk chicken and rice they will have it (unless they are physically or medically unable).
Your carer or support worker will be able to assist you in obtaining the ingredients and cooking the necessary food you fancy
At Natgab we will work with the specialist community services to ensure you are getting an adequate service from the bladder and bowel services in your local area, your comfort and safety is our paramount concern. We will ensure carers or support workers provide you with the best quality care whereas maintaining your dignity at all times. Your personal care will include monitoring of your pressure areas, your skin will be checked on regular basis to ensure it’s in a healthy state and you are not at risk of developing pressure ulcers.

Live in carer
All the domiciliary care services can be provided by our live-in-carer at the convenient of your own home 24 hours a day( 7 days a week.) You might find this package more suitable if you need the carer more often and require a longer period of care, it might also be more cost effective to purchase your care in bulk. Help at hand when you need it instantly from a professional person.

Golden care plan
Our Golden care plan package enables clients to choose a function or an activity they like to participate in during their service with Natgab i.e. going to the theatre or the cinema etc. This can be once a week, the frequency is totally up to you.

Reviewers: Once your care package has been set up our specialist trained professionals who are experts in your area of needs will review your care package/s whenever there are changes.
We have the care package to suit you whatever your needs. Please call the office for assessment and a quote on our care packages.